Welcome to POSMC Plus

Welcome to POSMC Plus, our new service for Medicare patients where we embrace the future of healthcare. Our program leverages the latest in patient engagement to provide personalized, proactive support. POSMC Plus is designed to keep you healthy and informed, ensuring your care is always in sync with your needs. With our innovative technologies and dedicated care team, managing your health has never been easier or more effective. Join us in taking a step towards a healthier, more connected care experience.

How POSMC Plus Works:

Joining POSMC Plus is free, simple, and seamless, ensuring you receive comprehensive support throughout your health journey.

  • Patients express interest and are enrolled, (often during your regular office visit).

  • You will be introduced to your dedicated care coach and schedule a call.

  • You will receive regular health check-ins via phone allow for personalized care adjustments, ensuring your treatment evolves with you.

  • This ongoing support encompasses medication management, appointment coordination, and proactive health monitoring, all aimed at keeping you healthy and empowered in your care.

Benefits of POSMC Plus

POSMC Plus offers significant benefits for patients managing chronic conditions.

  • Enjoy improved health outcomes through continuous monitoring and timely interventions.

  • Receive personalized care plans tailored to your unique needs, ensuring your treatment is as effective as possible.

  • Benefit from enhanced communication with healthcare providers, keeping you informed and involved in your health journey.

POSMC Plus empowers you to take control of your health, providing the tools and support needed for a healthier, more independent life.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: How do I enroll in POSMC Plus?

A: Enrollment is easy! Just express your interest to your healthcare provider or follow the instructions below.

Q: What can I expect after enrolling?

A: You’ll be introduced to your care coach and they will ask a few questions about your health goals. Regular check-ins will follow each month to monitor your health.

Q: Does POSMC Plus replace my regular office visit?

A: It does not. POSMC Plus is an additional service that you are entitled to for monitoring your conditions in between office visits.​

Q: Is my health information secure?

A: Absolutely. We prioritize your privacy with strict protocols to ensure your health data is protected and confidential.​

Q: Who can I contact for support?

A: Your dedicated care coach is available for any questions or support you need. They’re your go-to resource for navigating the program.

Ready to Sign-Up Now?

To check eligibility and enroll, text
to our special POSMC Plus line at (214) 281-8636.