Medical Records Request



Release of (medical record and/or billing) information requests submitted to Plano Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Center are processed by our release of information company, Healthmark Group.

A Medical Records Release Form must be completed. This can be done in two ways:

In Office: Request a Medical Release Form from the front office staff. You can complete the form in-office and ask that it be given to the medical records department and we will forward the request to Healthmark or fax the completed form back to Healthmark Group directly at 800-833-5935.

PLEASE NOTE: It takes 3 – 7 business days to complete your request.


By clicking on patient Forms in this section, you will see the Medical Records Release Form. Print out the form, complete it and either drop it by the office or fax it to Healthmark at 800-833-5935.


To request a copy of your medical records by fax please print the following form:

Medical Records Request Form

Fax # 800-833-5935

Or You can submit a request for records directly on Healthmarks online Portal see Link below. You will need to create your account which will allow you to send and or receive a copy of the requested records in electronic form.


To obtain a copy of your Electronic Medical Record via Download click the following link:





To follow up on the status of a request previously made, please contact HealthMark Group directly at 800-659-4035, or email them at

We send most record requests to HealthMark Group. It takes 3-7 business days to complete. Please note on the form how you want to receive your records. If we are sending records to a doctor’s office, please include their address, phone and fax numbers – plus your appointment date.


How long will it take to obtain my records?

The Texas State Board of Medical Examiners governs the laws regarding medical records and the release of those records. Medical Records Chapter 165.2 states (b) Deadline for Release of Records. The requested copies of medical and/or billing records or a summary or narrative of the records shall be furnished by the physician within 15 business days after the date of receipt of the request and reasonable fees for furnishing the information.

Although the Texas State Board of Medical Examiners allows a medical facility 15-days to release records, it is our policy to make every effort to release records in 3-7 business days.


Are all my records available?

Only the records created by this office including x-rays and any other radiology images and tests ordered by your physician at Plano Orthopedic will be provided.  You will need to contact your primary care physician, other doctors or testing facilities for any other records or tests that were not ordered by our physicians.


What if my records are from several years ago?

Medical State Board of Medical Examiners

165.1 Medical Records

(b) Maintenance of Medical Records

(1) A licensed physician shall maintain adequate medical records of a patient for a minimum of seven years from the anniversary date of the date of the last treatment by the physician.

(2) If a patient was younger than 18 years of age when last treated by the physician, the medical records of the patient shall be maintained by the physician until the patient reaches age 21 or for seven years from the date of the last treatment, whichever is longer.

We maintain all required records. It may be necessary to retrieve some records from our archives; therefore, it may require more time to handle your request. In these special circumstances, we ask for your patience; however, we will continue to make every effort to fulfill your request within 10 working days.


Is a release for medical records form necessary?

Yes, you will need to complete and sign a release for medical records.  This is a HIPAA requirement and necessary for the release of all records.  For your convenience, you may print out the release form and mail it or drop it off at the office, and we will forward to Healthmark for processing or you may  fax the release directly to Healthmark at 800-833-5935 or follow the link above to utilize the electronic release of information directly on the Healthmark portal.



If my child is over the age of 18, am I entitled to the medical records?

Any person over the age of 18 is legally considered an adult regardless of whether the child lives at home with you or is attending school. As long as your child listed your name on the HIPAA form, you will be able to obtain the medical record.