• Service – Achieve excellence in customer service and strive to exceed customer expectations.
  • Compassion – Pledge to show empathy and kindness to individuals.
  • Respect- A work environment that is built upon value and dignity of individuals.
  • Integrity – Act honestly and transparently. Maintain confidentiality and reliability.
  • Positive Attitude – Model patience, gratitude, and a positive attitude.
  • Teamwork – Motivate, inspire and be a team player to successfully build each other up and get the job done together.




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Patient Care Coordinator

The Patient Care Coordinator department encompasses the initial process of the patient services by scheduling their first appointment, welcoming the patient upon arrival at our clinic and the last voice they will take with them as they check out to leave clinic. Therefore, the training and duties for this position will be all-inclusive in scheduling appointments and checking patients in and out.Read More

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Scheduling Coordinator

Following the patient’s appointment with the physician, scheduling surgery may be the next step to the patient’s healing process. It is the Scheduling Coordinators that will continue the first-rate hospitality care, by being sensitive to the patients as they lead the patient through each of the pre-surgery steps in a confident and professional order such as: scheduling their surgery date, calling for pre-certifications, collecting fees, scheduling their pre-op and post-op visit, plus additional steps needed for their surgery. The patient can leave the appointment knowing that the Scheduling coordinator will complete each pre-surgery step needed for the impending surgery.Read More

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Medical Assistant

A Medical Assistant is an integral part of each of the physician team. The medical assistant should connect with the patient when greeting them and accompanying them to the exam room. Once roomed, they will review the patient’s medical history and check for accuracy on their completed forms. The medical assistant also assists both the physician assistant and the physician in the patients care by setting them up for their x-rays, cast removals, injection prep, as well as other duties directed by the physician.Read More

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Revenue Cycle Associate

Plano Orthopedic’s number one goal is to always give complete hospitality care to patients when they choose us for their orthopedic medical needs, which includes helping the patient understand their medical coverage.
Our Revenue Cycle Associates are ready to assist with verifying insurance, answer billing questions, as well send medical records.
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Radiology Technologist

At Plano Orthopedic, there can be many facets to a patient’s appointment. One of these is to include medical support for the physicians by providing diagnostic imaging to identify the patient’s injury or condition for treatment. This is where the Department of Radiology Technologists are to provide exceptional care to patients within the clinical scope of the Rad Tech. The expectation and goal is to treat the patients with a kind, courteous and respectful demeanor when accompanying the patient from the exam room to the radiology location, communicating the procedure prior to taking x-rays, then escorting the patient back to their exam room in a timely manner for the patient flow and physician’s schedule.Read More

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Physical Therapist

Extending the continuity of patient care beyond the clinical and surgical realm at Plano Orthopedic, follow-up care may be required through therapy and rehabilitation for the patient to return to a high level of the physical function. The Physical Therapist is expected to have a strong sense of empathy, compassion and the ability to motivate patients into moving beyond their limits in a safe way. The patient’s road to recovery should be encouraged through commitment, concise plans of evaluations, short- and long-term goals and consistent communication with the referring physicians to provide optimal care.Read More

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Occupational Therapist

When the patient’s ability to perform daily tasks has been compromised by an injury or condition, the physicians at Plano Orthopedic may recommend the patient to an Occupational Therapist at one of our three therapy centers. The patient will benefit from the Occupational Therapist who is compassionate and committed in helping the patient to restore their mobility and independence, as well as move the patient’s recovery forward to a higher level of the physical function.Read More

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Physician Assistant

Every day, thousands of people have access to quality health care because there are physician assistants in their communities. At Plano Orthopedic, the physician-physician assistant (PA) relationship is an integral part of a physician’s practice as the PA operates under the physician’s supervision. Due to their advanced education in general medicine, modeled after physician education, physician assistants also work in specialties including medical and surgical specialties and sub-specialties and deliver a high-quality of health care.Read More

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