Types of Total Ankle Replacement Surgery

PROPHECY® INFINITY® Total Ankle System

The 3d printed cutting jigs provide the alignment accuracy of the traditional Total Ankle System while reducing surgical and
fluoroscopic steps allowing the potential for:

  • Less procedural complexity
  • Less fluoroscopy exposure for patients, surgeons, and staff
  • Reduced surgical time


  • The patient is placed in a splint at the time of surgery.
  • After the incision is healed at approximately two weeks, the patient is transitioned to a removable boot and allowed to
    bear full weight on the leg.
  • The boot is discontinued six weeks after surgery, and an ankle brace is used until twelve weeks after surgery.

Total Ankle Joint Replacement (Wright INBONE® II)

This surgical procedure is performed to remove portions of the ankle that are diseased or severely injured and to implant a device that will help manage pain and restore mobility to the ankle.

Doctors who preform Ankle Replacement Surgery