Dr.Barrington Hip Replacement Mission Trip

Dr. Barrington Hip Replacement Mission TripJohn W. Barrington, MD travels to the Dominican Republic in the spring for a Mission Trip with MOVE Missions.

Dr. Barrington Hip Replacement Mission Trip. John W. Barrington, MD and his team travel to the Dominican Republic to provide healthcare and surgery for patients who are either too poor to afford the care, they have no opportunities to receive this kind of medical care, or the cases are too hard for the medical care providers in that area.

The MOVE mission does their best to provide exceptional medical care for the patients’ and meet their whole body needs from physical and emotional to spiritual.

With the help of the local orthopedic surgeon, Adelino Rodriguez, the patients are followed through the entire process. “It is truly an amazing gift you have helped provide. ” said Dr. John Barrington

Here is the story of one of the recent patients. Carlos, a 42 year old working man, who suffered a femoral neck fracture in 2014 and he had no access to the appropriate medical care. This caused his original fracture to become a non-union fracture which in turn caused the femoral Femoral Headhead to essentially disappear. He was unable to work, and told us he only wanted to be able to walk and provide for his family. Well after a year and a half of waiting, Carlos received his new hip! He and his wife were overwhelmingly thankful and asked us to share his story as a way of saying, “Thank you!”

Medical Mission Trip 2016Each life has a singular value and a similarly important story. We are proud to say that because of Move Missions, Dr. John Barrington and a number of other important people, we are able to provide Carlos a new hip and a new chance at life. We are proud to share these stories and the ability to provide medical care to people all over the world.

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