Hand and Wrist Pain

When pain strikes your hands or wrists, it can be debilitating for simple everyday functions including writing, gripping, using a computer or phone, opening jars or other items, and so much more.  Some of the most common hand and wrist conditions affecting mobility include:

· Osteoarthritis
· Carpel tunnel syndrome
· Ulnar tunnel syndrome (numbness and tingling in the little finger and inside the ring finger)
· Trigger finger
· DeQuervain’s contracture (inflammation in the tendons of the thumb that extend to the wrist)
· Fractured hand, wrist or finger
· Ganglion cysts (non-cancerous lumps often on the tendons or joints of wrists or hands)
· Nerve injury
· Sprained wrist
· Jammed finger
· Mallet finger
· Tumors on the hand or wrist
· Complex regional pain syndrome


 hand and wrist pain

Hand and wrist injuries typically fall into two categories:  acute and overuse injuries.  Acute injuries usually involve immediate swelling and pain, while overuse injuries may cause increased pain over time.

Orthopedic specialists who treat hand and wrist disorders use many procedures to provide pain relief.  Effective solutions can involve heat and ice treatments, splints, exercise, hand therapy rehab, steroid injections, surgical fusion – and in some cases ligament surgery, tendon transfer, or minimally invasive wrist arthroscopy.

Treatment varies depending on the location and severity of your wrist or hand injury. While minor injuries can typically be treated at home, more severe chronic or acute problems should always be treated by a professional.

Don’t let hand or wrist pain restrict simple functions in your everyday life.   If you suspect that you have a severe wrist or hand injury, contact your POSMC orthopedic specialist who will properly diagnose the issue and provide the treatment and attention you deserve!