How Can Physical Therapy Help Spondylolisthesis?

Spondylolisthesis is a stress fracture in the lumbar spine and occurs in about 12% of the American population. This condition is a common cause of back pain in children and youth, particularly males. Athletes and highly active individuals that participate in activities such as lifting weights, football, dance or repetitive bending are more at risk to suffer from spondylolisthesis. If you’ve recently been diagnosed with spondylolisthesis, it’s very likely that your physician is recommending physical therapy.

Passive vs. Active Therapy Treatments

Passive treatments are ones that you don’t need to actively participate with and help you relax. If you have a fracture, physical therapy will probably start with passive treatment to allow time for your body to heal. Active therapy treatments include strengthening and preventative exercises that reduce the chance of spondylolisthesis reoccurrence.

Passive Treatment Methods

  • Hot and Cold Therapy – This method of treatment is not a new way of helping treat pain. The use of heat can help get blood flowing to the effected area which allows more oxygen and nutrients into the area. Bringing blood to the area is important for the removal of waste created from spasms and promote healing. Cold therapy helps to slow circulation and reduce spams, inflammation, and pain. Hot and cold therapy may be used in addition to stretching the affected area.
  • Massaging Muscles in the Affected Area – The massage method will target muscles that are suffering from tension and spams that can happen when your body is adjusting to the condition. By applying pressure and friction directly to the affected muscles will help relieve tension in the muscles, ligaments, and tendons.
  • Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) – This method of therapy treatment includes a machine that stimulates the muscles using variable intensities of electrical current. Although it sounds intense, this method is safe. Using TENS can help with muscle spasms and increase endorphin production which is your body’s natural pain killers. TENS units come in various sizes and can be used at home.

Active Treatment Methods

Active method of treatment will include stretching and strengthening exercises that help with range of motion, flexibility, and stability. With active treatment, your therapist will customize your program based on your condition, your health, and your history. Active therapy treatment methods will also help you adjust your daily life to help you learn good habits for taking care of your body. With spondylolisthesis, core strengthening, and hamstring stretches will most likely be the focus for your therapist.

Why Allen Therapy Center?

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