Rehabilitation after Orthopedic Surgery

Recovering from orthopedic surgery commonly requires a team of physicians and professionals that are well-versed in the individual needs and requirements of orthopedic procedures. When you have orthopedic surgery performed at Plano Orthopedic, we’ll customize a rehabilitation therapy program to help you build up the strength in the muscles around your new joint and return back to your normal activities.
The benefits of rehabilitation therapy include:

· To restore normal movement in your joint
· To build up strength in the joint and surrounding muscles
· To ease pain and swelling
· To help with circulation in order to help prevent blood clots

Types of rehabilitation therapy
In your rehabilitation therapy with Plano Orthopedic, our multi-disciplinary team will help maximize the return of function in order to expedite your return to work, school and participation in your leisure interests. We’ll also educate and encourage your family members to play an active support role during your recovery. Your customized orthopedic rehabilitation therapy program will include any or all of the following:

· Physical and occupational therapy focused on progressive mobilization; restoration of function; and improving strength, endurance and flexibility
· Interdisciplinary pain management
· Bracing and orthotics
· Ongoing communication and consultation with our surgeons and physicians to ensure effective treatment and continuity of care
· Education about risk factors and injury prevention

Our orthopedic rehabilitation therapy goals
Our therapists will design a treatment program centered around your goals and based on the assessment of how your impairments and functional limitations impact your daily activities. We use objective measurements to track your improvements, routinely reassessing and modifying the care plan so you receive the most appropriate and effective treatment to achieve your goals. Our therapists and physicians collaborate, resulting in enhanced communication and coordination of your treatment objectives!

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Plano Orthopedic owns and operates two physical therapy centers conveniently located in the Plano and Allen areas. Our therapy centers focus on sports specific rehabilitation, degenerative conditions, pre and post-operative orthopedics, and workers compensation cases. Always striving to meet and exceed our patient’s goals, our experienced staff offers expert care and personal attention throughout the recovery process. Call Plano Orthopedic today and get on the road to recovery! Contact us today!