Total Spine Care from POSMC – The Comprehensive Approach to Spine Health

Back pain or spine-related issues are one of the most common reasons people visit a doctor. The spine, being the central support system of our body, plays a crucial role in our daily activities and movement. Neglecting spine health can cause a range of problems, from mild pain to severe disabilities. Any spine-related condition needs timely intervention to avoid chronicity and long-term complications. At POSMC, we understand the importance of spine health and offer total spine care services to our patients. In this blog, we will discuss the comprehensive approach of POSMC to spine health.

1. Diagnosis and Assessment – The first step towards effective spine care is the right diagnosis. At POSMC, our experienced spine specialists use their expertise and advanced diagnostic tools to identify the root cause of spine problems. We conduct a thorough assessment of the patient’s spine health, take into account their medical history, and develop personalized treatment plans accordingly.

2. Minimally Invasive Procedures – With the help of cutting-edge technology and surgical techniques, modern spine surgeries have become minimally invasive. At POSMC, we use minimally invasive spine surgery techniques whenever possible to reduce discomfort, scarring, and recovery time. We perform various procedures such as spinal fusions, decompressions, artificial disc replacements, and corrections of deformities to treat spine problems.

3. Rehabilitation and Recovery – Rehabilitation and recovery are essential components of the total spine care program at POSMC. We provide individualized physical therapy and rehabilitation programs to our patients to aid in their recovery and prevent complications. Our aim is to help our patients regain their normal routine as soon as possible and improve their functional abilities.

4. Follow-Up Care – Regular follow-up care is necessary to ensure the long-term success of spine care. Our spine experts provide comprehensive follow-up and monitoring care to our patients to evaluate their progress and detect any signs of new or recurring spine issues. We also encourage our patients to maintain healthy spine habits and make necessary lifestyle modifications.

5. Patient Education – Educating patients about spine health is a crucial component of the total spine care program at POSMC. We believe that informed patients are better equipped to take charge of their health and make informed decisions about their treatment. Our spine specialists provide detailed guidance on spine care, preventive measures, and necessary lifestyle changes to promote spine health.

At POSMC, we provide a comprehensive and patient-centric approach to spine health, including diagnosis, minimally invasive spine surgery, rehabilitation, follow-up care, and patient education. We understand the impact of spine problems on the patient’s physical and emotional wellbeing and strive to provide the best possible care and outcomes. If you are facing any spine-related issues, visit our website or talk to our team of spine specialists to schedule an appointment and start your journey towards total spine health.

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Physical Medicine, Spine, Hip and
Conservative Spine Care
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Physical Medicine and Spine
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