What is a Microdiscectomy?

Also known as microdecompression, a microdiscectomy is a minimally invasive spine surgery procedure that is performed with the goal of relieving pressure off of the nerves and easing back pain. One of the most common surgical procedures, a microdiscectomy is when the surgeon will go in and remove small fragments of the bone, disc, and ligament to free the nerve. This procedure is minimally invasive, and like many other minimally invasive surgeries, surgeons use special instruments and tools to make a small incision for performing the procedure.

When Would a Microdiscectomy Be Recommended?

Your physician may start traditional methods of treatment such as physical therapy, cortisone injections and other medications. When these methods are not providing results, a microdiscectomy may be recommended. This surgical procedure may also be performed if a fragment of the intervertebral disc has broken from the disc and is putting pressure on the spinal nerves or cord. If the disc is not broken but may be bulging and pressing against the spinal nerves or cord, a microdiscectomy may still be recommended.

It’s best to see a spine specialist that can properly diagnose your symptoms and recommend the best treatment plan for you. At Plano Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Center, we have the right surgeon for your back pain.

How Is a Microdiscectomy performed?

There are three different surgical techniques for this type of procedure that a surgeon may use.

  1. A Midline Microdiscectomy – Your surgeon will make a small vertical incision in the back that is about one to two inches in length. They will then lift the muscles off of the vertebrae and use their instruments to hold the layers of tissue apart while performing the procedure.
  2. A Tubular Microdiscectomy – Your surgeon will use the incision to insert a small tube that they gently push through your muscles to the surgical area. They will operate through this tube by inserting a series of tubes and tools used in the operation.
  3. Endoscopic – This procedure is when your surgeon will insert a small camera, known as an endoscope through a tube so that your surgeon can see the spine and operate utilizing very small tools.

For any of these procedures, you will typically be under general anesthesia and positioned on your stomach. Your surgeon will look for any additional pieces of the disc that may need to be removed, as well as check that all of the nerves are free from pressing in the area.

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