What is a Partial Knee Replacement?

The common complaint is knee pain in Frisco, TX. Through the span of a normal lifetimes, roughly 1 out of 5 Americans will have knee pain in Frisco, TX. Luckily, an extensive variety of nonsurgical and careful methods can be used to target the uneasiness and incapacity that follows this condition.

Partial knee surgery is a treatment choice that replaces only the damaged part of the knee while protecting the knee tendons and unaffected ligament.

Patients with knee joint pain have ligament degeneration in just a single area of the knee. In situations where nonsurgical methods can’t alleviation the pain, orthopedic surgeons can remove the damaged bone in the affected area, while protecting the tendons that assistance in the movement of the knee joint.

A prosthesis is used to replace the knee. The prostheses used is either the unicondylar settled bearing knee substitution or the unicondylar knee substitution, and is either made of plastic or metal segments.

Data information gathered over the past 15 years or so has made partial knee surgery a more accepting knee surgery choice for a number of patients.

Recent data suggest that 10 to 15 percent of patients with osteoarthritis involving the knee may qualify for the partial knee replacement surgical procedure.

The patients is given anesthesia to numb the lower half of the body, this is so that the patient can remain alert throughout the surgical procedure. The patient is constantly checked for any complications.

At the beginning of surgery, the surgeon will make a small incision (3 to 4 inches) for the entry point to access the affected area of the knee. The surgeon delicately moves the supporting tendons of the knee from their area and evacuates the harmed tendon, bone and tissue from the surfaces of the tibia and the femur in the region of the harmed tissue.

The surgeon at this point then prepares the surfaces for the addition of the prosthesis parts which are carefully measured to fit the patient’s joint. These parts are anchored together with cement. The surrounding structures and tissues are then re-established back to their anatomical positions and the entry point is closed.

With partial knee replacement surgery there is minimal blood loss or complications.

After surgery:
a patient can expect to stay in the hospital for 1 to 2 days following partial knee replacement surgery,
the patient is expected to walk with or without assistance,
7 days after partial knee replacement surgery, the patient is trained on a walking stick for more freedom and better accessibility,
The patient is expected to start think about beginning outpatient recovery,
4 weeks post surgery, the patient can stop the process of taking pain medication, and
with rehabilitation most patients can return to their normal daily activities within 3 to 6 weeks.

Partial knee surgery is a highly requested medical procedure. Data research demonstrates that picking an orthopedic surgeon and an hospital that has a broad involvement with partial knee replacement surgery can result in a decent outcome.

Data also reports that surgeons achieve longevity with both partial knee replacement as well as with total knee replacement.

Information is constantly being gathered on partial knee replacement surgeries facts. With this information we are able to:
refine our screening and the careful methods used to accomplish to great results.
perceived that partial knee surgery is an highly requested surgical procedure, and
see that if a patient picks an orthopedic surgeon and hospital institution with broad involvement with this partial knee surgery, one can help guarantee a decent outcome.

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