What is shoulder pointer syndrome?

Shoulder Pointer Syndrome may not be a common term, but it can be a common injury that occurs in contact sports including football, wrestling, karate and hockey – and also in non-contact sports such as swimming and gymnastics. At Plano Orthopedic Sports Medicine and Spine Center (POSMC), Shoulder Pointer Syndrome is just one of the many shoulder injuries we diagnose and treat.

What are the symptoms of Shoulder Pointer Syndrome?
Shoulder Pointer Syndrome may occur when there is a contusion of the acromion, which is the front or tip of the shoulder blade. The injury commonly happens when an athlete makes a hard hit using his or her shoulder. The direct blow on top of the shoulder drives it down and causes the neck to bend to the opposite side.

Shoulder Pointer Syndrome is rarely disabling, but can result in symptoms including:

· A stinging sensation between the neck and shoulder.
· A burning or stinging feeling in the arm, hand or fingers.
· Numbness, weakness or a tingling feeling in the shoulder or arm.
· A warm sensation and/or swelling in the affected area.
· Discoloration.
· Decreased motion.

Treatment for Shoulder Pointer Syndrome
In the event of a hard hit on your shoulder that results in one or more symptoms as described above, you should immediately apply ice and compression over the affected area. In the case of severe pain, apply an arm sling to relieve stress on the shoulder. Also, take anti-inflammatory medications as needed.

If significant swelling lingers for more than 72 hours, call POSMC and schedule an appointment. One of our shoulder specialists will make a proper diagnosis and recommend treatment that may include protective padding in addition to rehab and rest. The typical recovery time of Shoulder Pointer Syndrome, depending on the severity, is two to three weeks.

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