What Type of Therapy Is Needed After Labral Tear Surgery?

Labral tear on the hip is utterly painful and causes a lot of discomforts. The root causes can be injuries from sports such as hockey, golf, and football. Additionally, the problem could result from a motorcycle accident. If you have the problem, you will experience stiffness in your hip area, and you will feel that the hip doesn’t move effectively. Plus, you will have a clicking sound as you walk accompanied by affliction on the groin. The good news is that after surgery, you can undergo therapy to enhance your healing process.


Physical Therapy


The ideal remedy after labral tear surgery is physical therapy administered by a professional. On that account, you need to find a licensed therapist who will help you throughout the process. The working strategies include focusing on the thighs, buttocks, and back to restore your stability. In addition to that, the rehabilitation process increases flexibility and the ability to move. The good news is that physical therapy aims to reduce the inflammation that you will be experiencing at the time.


The best time to start therapy is six weeks after surgery when you feel much better. The sessions will be about 5 to 7 days depending on the severity of the problem. This way, you will get customized services that will suit your individual needs as a patient. Your muscles will get stronger by the day, and the appointments will reduce until you recover.


Phase One


During the first phase, the expert will recommend stretches and circumduction motion to ward off joint stiffness. The exercises will build vibrancy, movement, and enhance your versatility. Therefore, the phase will prepare you for seamless walking again. The professional will help you to ward off inflammation or pain through the stretches. Plus, he or she will gauge the level of pain that you are feeling and recommend a proper plan to avoid straining your muscles.


Phase Two


It is the time to carry out soft tissue mobilization that will minimize the scar tissue and relax your muscles. In addition to that, you will exercise to strengthen your legs and hips. You can expect squats or leg presses as part of the minimal workout. Balance exercises such as lunges and split squat to become part of the routine. Stretching will complement the process so that you can regain your strength and flexibility.


Phase Three


After the pain has subsided, the therapist will introduce you to jogging and running as well. You will use the treadmill as he or she monitors your speed. Moreover, you will repeat the exercises so that you can be ready to resume your daily life. You will stretch more so that you won’t experience any muscle tightness anymore.


Generally, physical therapy can take three months or more, depending on how well you are recuperating. Age is also a factor since young people recover faster than the old generation. With each phase, the therapist will assess your progress so that he or she can proceed to the next stage. In the end, the labral tear will heal, and you can return to normalcy in sports and workouts.

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