What type of therapy is needed after Shoulder Surgery?

It’s no secret that shoulder pain limits a person’s ability to participate in activities they enjoy. People may also have a tough time doing basic tasks such as dressing, bathing and even brushing their hair due to the pain.

Regardless of the underlying issue, having shoulder surgery means having to regain strength that was lost due immobility and subsequent repair.

After the operation, you may have a period where you can’t move your shoulder at all and will have to wear a sling. As this period goes on, the muscles in your shoulder can become weakened and the structures become tighter.

In order to improve your range of motion, your doctor will refer you to physical therapy. However, this all depends on the shoulder surgery that was done.

What operations require physical therapy for your shoulder?

Physical therapy is required if you’ve had one or more of these shoulder operations:

  • Rotator Cuff Repair – The rotator cuff has a group of four muscles that are deep within the shoulder and they help control the position of it. Any kind of injury or trauma can cause these muscles to tear. After this operation, physical therapy is necessary to improve the range of motion and increase the strength of the shoulder.
  • Sub Acromial Decompression – For people who have any shoulder impingement symptoms that aren’t improving with physical therapy alone, then this shoulder surgery is going to help. The goal of this surgery is to give the tendons of the rotator cuffs and bursa extra space within the shoulder. Physical therapy isn’t always necessary for this operation, but it’s recommended since it increases the range of motion and strength of the shoulder.
  • Labrum Repair – The labrum is a tiny piece of tissue that wraps around the edge of the shoulder socket. It’s susceptible to tear if the shoulder has been subjected to some kind of trauma such as a sports injury. If the labrum is torn, it can cause your shoulder to become dislocated and unstable. This surgery is done in order to restabilize the shoulder joint. Physical therapy is required to ensure that the arm returns to its normal function.

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