What type of therapy is needed for overuse Injuries of the Elbow?

Overuse of a joint can result in injury after a prolonged period of time. Often times people wind up with overuse injuries of the elbow, which can prevent them from engaging in their typical activities. Overuse injuries of the elbow are extremely common in sports, but can also develop in the workplace. If you realize you are starting to have an issue with your elbow, it is important to take the necessary precautions and be seen by a doctor as soon as possible. Avoiding the warning signs of a developing injury can lead to chronic joint issues, which is something that should be avoided if possible. A lot of people realize they are starting to have issues with one of their joints, but make the decision to push through their developing injury.
If you do find yourself with an overuse injury of the elbow, the injury can typically easily be fixed through physical therapy and rest. The first thing you can expect to encounter if you see a doctor for an overuse injury is instructions to stop doing the actions that led to the overuse injury in the first place. This may mean taking a break from sports for an undetermined period of time. It may also mean you may have to avoid doing certain things at work, as overuse injuries are extremely common in the workplace. Resting and taking time off are going to be key when it comes to healing an overuse injury, but you should also expect to be utilizing compression. This typically comes in the form of a bandage that is wrapped around the injury, which will decrease swelling in the area. Elevating the injury, as well as taking medications to reduce swelling should be expected as well.
Each and every person is different and each injury is going to require a specific set of healing procedures. Your protocol will be designated based on your injury and your doctor will develop a personalized plan for you to heal. Many times this includes going to physical therapy, where a physical therapist will work to heal any injuries that have developed. Physical therapy is critical, based on the fact that it is usually necessary to exercise muscles after they have been resting during an injury. Time to rest is required in all overuse injuries, which inevitably results in emaciation of the muscles. A physical therapist will address these muscles and put you on an exercise plan to get you back to full health. While many overuse injuries can be fully healed with rest and physical therapy, there is always a chance that the injury is going to require surgery. If your doctor determines that you should consider surgery to rectify the problem, you may have to get a procedure done. After surgery, you will most likely follow the same protocol and end up heading to a physical therapist to fully recover from your injury. Overuse injuries are something that can be fixed when caught early, so make sure you head to the doctor if you are experiencing a developing problem in your elbow.
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