Orthopedic Elbow Surgery

Orthopedic Elbow SurgeryMost people think that the painful condition known as Tennis Elbow is caused by racket sports, but it can actually affect anyone over time – just like arthritis or any joint disorder due to strain, injury or overuse.  If you suffer from the symptoms of Tennis Elbow including pain or muscle weakness — and physical therapy or other non-surgical treatments haven’t helped – then it may be time for you to explore Orthopedic Elbow Surgery with your physician.


If your elbow joint is badly damaged, your doctor may recommend joint replacement surgery.  In this procedure, your surgeon will replace the damaged bones of the elbow with an artificial elbow joint made of metal and plastic.  Joint replacement may help you return to your normal activities, but the downside is that this invasive procedure can take up to a year or more for the pain to subside.


The option that many orthopedists recommend today is arthroscopic elbow surgery, a minimally invasive solution that offers many benefits including:


  • Less pain
  • Faster recovery
  • Less scarring
  • Less blood loss


Arthroscopy also enables your surgeon to inspect, diagnose and repair problems inside your elbow with just a few small incisions.


Pain in your elbow can hinder your ability to do normal activities such has lifting, throwing or even gripping.  If you suffer from elbow pain and have tried therapy, rest, or pain management with anti-inflammatories with little or no success, see a reputable orthopedist today to determine if orthopedic elbow surgery can help you overcome your pain and improve your quality of life!