Plano Orthopedic Joint Replacement Surgery

Doctors Who Treat Joint Replacement

Dr. John E. McGarry

General Orthopedics, Shoulder, Knee & Sports Medicine
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Dr. John W. Barrington

Hip, Shoulder & Knee Replacement
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Dr. Michael S. Howard

Shoulder, Elbow, Hand & Wrist
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Joint Replacement

Our total joint specialists focus their practice to performing total hip replacement, total shoulder replacement, total knee replacement, and partial knee replacement. They believe in treating the patient as a whole, not just as a joint replacement.

Their goal is to maximize results and minimize recovery time for patients. Their philosophy is based on the belief that personalized care and medical expertise for patients is of the utmost importance. Their professional team is always available to answer your questions or listen to your concerns.

To learn more about our shoulder replacement, knee replacement or hip replacement procedures watch the videos available.


Total Hip Replacement



Total Shoulder Replacement



Total Knee Replacement



Partial Knee Replacement


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