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Doctors Who Treat Knee

To schedule an appointment with our knee specialists listed below contact our scheduling department at 972-250-5700 or request an appointment online.

Dr. Adam Wright

Hip and Knee
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Dr. John E. McGarry

General Orthopedics, Shoulder, Knee and Sports Medicine
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Dr. John W. Barrington

Hip, Shoulder and Knee Replacement
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Dr. Randal L. Troop

Shoulder, Knee and Sports Medicine
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Anatomy of the Knee

The knee is one of the largest and most complex joints in the body. The knee connects the upper leg bone (femur) to the lower leg bone (tibia). Cartilage covers the ends of both leg bones and the underside of the knee cap (patella), which also makes up the joint along with the smaller bone that runs alongside the tibia, called the fibula.

The knee also contains large ligaments and tendons which help control the motion of the joint. This joint is more likely to be injured than any other joint in the body one of the reasons being the structures of the knee support nearly the entire weight of the body. These stresses make the knee vulnerable to injury and osteoarthritis.

Our Plano Orthopedic knee surgeons can help you diagnosis your knee injury and help you decide the appropriate treatment plans to improve your quality of life and reduce the pain caused by your knee joint. Plano Orthopedic Sports Medicine specializes in a number of knee surgery procedures to help patients recover from injuries ranging from degenerative diseases to sports injuries. If you are experincing knee pain, weakness of the knee, trick knee, swelling of the knee, stiffness of the knee, OCD knee, microfracture of the knee, loose body knee, clicking and catching of the knee, arthritis of the knee we can help.



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