Meniscus Tears


Meniscus Tears in Plano, Frisco, McKinney and Allen

What is it?

Meniscus Tears: Your knee is the largest joint in your body and is one of the most complex joints. Because you use it so regularly, it is vulnerable to injury. The meniscus is comprised of two c-shaped wedges of cartilage that cushion and stabilize the knee joint. The menisci keep your knee steady by balancing your weight evenly across the knee joint. Sudden meniscal tears often happen from injury during sports or trauma to the knee while older people can experience tears due to degeneration of the cartilage as it weakens and wears thin over time.


There are 3 types of meniscal tears each has its own set of symptoms ranging from minor to severe. The most common symptom of course is pain in the knee. Other symptoms can include swelling, tenderness when pressing on the sides of the knee joint, a popping or clicking sound when moving the knee, or limited mobility.


How the orthopedic surgeon treats your tear will depend on the type of tear you have, its size and location. Options include rest, cold compress, physical therapy, anti-inflammatory medications and immobilization of the knee in a brace or cast. Severe cases may require surgery known as a meniscus repair.

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