Kneecap Bursitis


Treating Kneecap Bursitis in Plano, Frisco, McKinney and AllenWhat is it?

Kneecap Bursitis; People who spend much of their time or profession on their knees, such as plumbers or carpet layers, often experience swelling in the front of the knee. The constant friction irritates the small bursa (fluid-filled sac) located just in front of the kneecap (patella). The bursa is meant to aid in the smooth movement of the kneecap under the skin however when it becomes inflamed it fills with fluid and causes swelling and pain. This is known as Prepatellar (Kneecap) Bursitis.


Symptoms of kneecap bursitis include pain and a swollen bump on the kneecap. Redness of the skin and warm to the touch may be other signs of infections of the bursa.


Non-surgical treatment of kneecap bursitis is usually effective as long as the bursa is simply inflamed and not infected, this includes: rest, ice, elevation, and medications to reduce swelling. If conservative measures prove to be ineffective surgical options may be considered.

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