Elbow Bursitis


Treating Elbow Bursitis in Plano, Frisco, McKinney and AllenWhat is it?

Elbow Bursitis is a condition is an inflammation of the olecranon bursa, a fluid-filled sac that lies between the skin and the pointy bone at the back of the elbow. This sac is important because it allows the skin to move freely over the underlying bone and though it is normally flat in nature it can become irritated and inflamed, resulting in pain and possibly restricting the motion of the elbow. It can be caused by trauma directly to the elbow, prolonged pressure on the elbow joint such as leaning on a table for too long, infection or other medical conditions such as arthritis.


Swelling is often the first symptom and is typically seen first. Pain may also be present when the elbow is touched or moved, if the bursa is infected your elbow may feel warm and have a red appearance.


If the bursa is not infected it can be treated with ice, anti-inflammatory medications, elbow pads, change in activity causing the condition and compression bandages to reduce swelling. If an infection is present prescription medications may be prescribed and your physician may decide the bursa should be removed with surgery.

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