What is a total hip replacement?

What is a total hip replacement? A total hip replacement (THR), also known as a complete hip replacement, is a surgery where a prosthetic hip joint is attached to the bone by a metal implant, commonly a titanium plate. In addition to being attached to the bone, the titanium piece is secured to the muscles and other structures in the hip area to restore motion to the joint. Hip replacements are performed primarily for people who have a complete loss of their hips due to traumatic injuries, arthritis, and people with a condition called osteoporosis.

What is the recovery process like after total hip replacement surgery? The recovery process after THR involves an artificial hip, crutches, and ankle or wrist support. Patients usually take a day or two off of work and rest for one to three weeks. The doctor usually monitors the patients during the initial days to check for progress and make any necessary adjustments.

What is the cost of a total hip replacement? Most health insurance plans cover total hip replacement surgeries. Typically, a provider will not bill the patient for the procedure if it has been pre-planned as an operation because it is considered a cosmetic procedure. If you are planning your own hip replacement, the price will vary depending on your location, experience and expertise, age, and medical history. There is an average price of around $7000 for each hip replacement, and you may be able to get a more expensive treatment package depending on your medical history and current condition.

What is the long-term effect of hip replacement surgery? Unfortunately, there is no definite long-term impact on a patient’s daily life after a hip replacement. However, many people do report feeling better about their appearance and self-confidence after the procedure. In addition, many individuals have reported being able to participate more actively in sports, go to physical therapy appointments, and participate in other activities they were unable to before their operation.

What is the recovery process like following a total hip replacement? Recovery typically includes physical therapy, pain medication, and a cast or crutches. These can take several months to a year to wear out. Therefore, patients need to keep up with their care plan to prevent further complications down the road.

What is postoperative bone density? Patients who have undergone their procedure have been shown to increase their bone density after about a month of hospitalization. In the early days following surgery, patients will need to follow their orthopedic appointments every day. New bone growth will be evident in about six months, and this bone density will continue to increase for about a year.

What is the cost of a total hip replacement? When insurance companies pay for it, the price can start at about $5k. If you have good health insurance coverage, you may be covered for most of it. However, insurance companies do not cover everything. For those patients who do not have coverage, the costs for a complete procedure can add up to well over ten thousand dollars.

What are the after-effects of a total hip replacement? Although the procedure is relatively non-threatening, there are some things that patients are advised to do to avoid further bone loss or complications down the line. Patients are also told not to over-exercise or perform activities that put unnecessary stress on the hip. For example, swimming is off-limits, like any high-impact activity like cycling, skiing, skating, football, or weightlifting. Total hip replacement in Dallas TX is a great thing to do for your self-preservation.

How is a total hip replacement done? After the operation, the incision is made where the hip joint was. A pocket or artificial hip joint is then created in place of the lost hip bone. Next, the doctor will make a small cut behind the knee to insert the artificial hip. It is folded back into the femur through a small metal ring and stitched into the thigh. This is one of the few hip replacement operations that can be done by hand.

Getting total hip replacement in Dallas TX is one of the best ways that you can ensure your body is taken care of long-term.

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