What is a Total Knee Replacement?

An estimated 700,000 people in the US each year undergo a total knee replacement surgery. More than 90 percent of the people who have this surgery say that it makes a solid difference in their pain levels. The purpose of the procedure is to remove the knee joint bones that are damaged and causing discomfort. An artificial joint implant is then put into place to restore movement and range of motion.

When is a Total Knee Replacement Recommended?

There are several reasons why your doctor might recommend a total knee replacement in Dallas, TX. These include:

  • Even when you are resting, you experience pain
  • Pain occurs throughout the day
  • It is painful and hard to climb stairs, walk or rise from a seated position
  • Swollen and stiff knees
  • You do not get sufficient relief from therapy and medication
  • You are “bone on bone” when you are walking due to cartilage damage


How is This Surgery Performed?

You are given general anesthesia so that you are asleep during the surgery. It takes about 60 to 90 minutes to perform a total knee replacement. Your surgeon begins by making the necessary incisions so that they can access your knee joint.

Ligaments are removed during the next step. In some cases, your posterior cruciate ligament is retained. Next, your surgeon will cut and remove some bone and cartilage to remove your natural joint and make room for your artificial joint. There are times when an implant is placed on the underside of your kneecap if it is also degraded.

Once the implant is in place, dissolvable sutures are used to repair the layers of tissue. Then, the outer incisions are closed and your knee is bandaged.

Surgical Recovery Time

About 24 hours after the procedure, you usually start the physical therapy process. Your physical therapist will teach you how to do simple exercises to prevent circulation problems, improve range of motion and strengthen your muscles.

Within about three days of your procedure, you are typically encouraged to start using an assistive device to start walking. Over the upcoming days, you will work to increase your walking frequency and distance.

Usually, within about six weeks of surgery you are able to resume normal activities, such as driving. However, it could be up to four months to regain all of your mobility and strength.

Before getting your total knee replacement in Dallas, TX, having this basic information is important because it ensures that you are making an informed decision. The next step is to consult with an experienced surgeon to determine which type of knee replacement is the best choice for you

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