Why does my shoulder hurt?

The shoulder is composed of various parts. The causes of shoulder pain are several. However, it is very uncomfortable, and it can affect your daily life. Some of the pain can be handled locally at home, but others need the urgent assistance of a medical professional. Plano Orthopedic Sports, Medicine, and Spine Center from Plano TX handle shoulder pain proficiently.

• Shoulder Dislocations:
Shoulder dislocations happen when the shoulder joint fails to fit in the socket. It can either be a complete or partial dislocation. The partial dislocation can be called a subluxation. This kind of injury occurs often, and it is usually related to sports. However, it causes unsteadiness and pain on the shoulder. Other characteristics that the condition presents include numbness, weakness, swelling, and bruising of it. Professional surgery or a procedure called closed reduction treats it. In a closed reduction, the shoulder is fit back manually when the humerus is fit into the socket.
• Medical conditions that are related to bones such as arthritis.
• Pinched nerve/cervical radiculopathy in the neck or shoulder: This happens when a bone spur grows on the spinal disc. Therefore, the spurs are new growths that form when the discs begin to become weak with age.
• Frozen shoulder: This condition is most common in people who are between 40 to 60 years. This condition limits the movement of your shoulder. The cause is thickened shoulder tissues that form over some time. It leads to tighter muscles that don’t rotate easily. Other causes of a frozen shoulder include; a lack of shoulder movement for long, a weak immune system, hormonal imbalance, and diabetes.
• Bursitis: This condition causes pain in the left shoulder. The inflammation of the bursa causes bursitis. It happens when the area gets infected, or it is affected by trauma. At times it is also caused by overusing this joint.
• Conditions that are related to the heart or even a heart attack also cause shoulder pain.
• Injury from another part of the body that is adjacent to the shoulder may also cause it. These include; the biceps, spinal cord, and neck.
•Sports-related injuries.

You should consult a qualified physician like Plano TX if the pain in your shoulder becomes severe. Additionally, if you feel the pain simultaneously with compression or pressure in the chest, you should seek medical attention immediately. At times the pain may hover between the left and right arm. It may also travel towards the shoulder blades, upper back, and chin. A qualified medic should perform a complete physical exam on the shoulders and neck to diagnose the type of pain you have and the mode of treatment you should undertake.

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