What type of therapy is needed for shoulder pain?

The shoulder is a complex joint that is designed to allow movement up to 180 degrees. The bones, tendons and ligaments that allow this wide range of movement can sometimes become damaged, leading to pain and loss of full mobility. Your orthopedic specialist can provide a number of treatment options to help these problems. In some cases, physical therapy is needed to strengthen the supporting muscles and structures to stabilize the shoulder joint.

Causes of Shoulder Pain
You may experience pain in the shoulder due to overuse or sudden strains during work activities or athletic activities. Repetitive movements can also cause damage to the internal structures of the joint. Accidents can cause damage to the bone or tears in the tendons and muscles. Dislocations and impingement within the joint can occur. Certain disease conditions can also cause degeneration of the bones and muscles in the shoulder. Your doctor will order a number of tests, including x-rays and MRIs of the shoulder joint to pinpoint the source of your pain. After a careful analysis of the results of the tests, the doctor will determine the right course of treatment to resolve the problem.

What Type of Therapy Is Needed for Shoulder Pain?
The therapy needed to reduce pain and dysfunction in the shoulder joint will depend on the underlying problem. In some cases, cold therapy to reduce inflammation and swelling within the joint can be helpful. Heat in the form of heating pads or whirlpool hydrotherapy can also help to relieve pain. Your therapist may teach you specific exercises to strengthen the muscles that support the shoulder to allow better movement. Ultrasound or electrical stimulation can also be used to improve shoulder discomfort.

An Orthopedic Specialist Can Help Restore Full Function
Doctors who work in this specialty received intensive training in diagnosing and treating problems in the shoulder joint. They can repair soft tissues in the shoulder joints, improved function in the joint and even replace badly damaged joints. However, in less serious cases, medications, injections and therapy may be all that’s needed to provide sufficient improvement in the joint. At Plano Orthopedic Sports Medicine & Spine Center, our doctors are specially trained in dealing with shoulder disorders.

If you are troubled with shoulder discomfort, poor range of motion and weakness in the joint, an orthopedic doctor can determine the source of the problem and administer appropriate treatment for your needs. Therapy can help to strengthen the shoulder joint, so you can engage in your normal activities without discomfort and poor function. The physicians at Plano Orthopedic Sports Medicine & Spine Center specialize in shoulder disorders and can provide care to help restore you to comfort and optimum performance.