Why Does My Elbow Hurt?

Your elbow, the bridge between your shoulder and forearm, is a joint where three bones meet. The humerus that makes your upper arm articulates with the radius and ulna, which makes your forearm. Ligaments keep the bones in place, while cartilages allow them to interact smoothly with each other.

Should any of the bones get out of their place, you may end up being a victim of elbow pain. Additionally, a tear of the ligaments may result in a painful experience. There are also other elements, such as diseases, which can cause the elbow to hurt. Let’s take a closer look at what might be behind an aching elbow.

What Makes an Elbow Painful?

Elbow pain may result from a one-time accident, exhaustion due to repetitive tasks, and arthritis diseases. A more in-depth look lists the following as causes of elbow aches.

Elbow Bursitis

Most joints in your body have a bursa, a fluid-filled sac for smooth movements. If the bursa gets inflamed, you can describe the condition as elbow bursitis.

Numerous factors can cause this bursitis, repetitive tasks being the leading agent. By placing elbow on a hard surface for long periods, you may get your elbow bursa inflamed.

Accidents and infections may cause severe forms of bursitis. If you develop bursitis and live in Texas, visit a professional orthopedic in Plano TX for immediate treatment.

Sprains and Strains

A sprain is a ligament tear, while a strain is a muscle tear. If the muscles or ligaments around your elbow overstretch, you may experience varying degrees of pain. Most sprains and strains are easily treated by massaging and exercising.


Several types of arthritis may be the reasons behind your elbow pain. Rheumatoid arthritis makes your joints swell – elbow included. It may also cause varying degrees of pain.

Other diseases, such as osteoarthritis, involve cartilage breakage. Therefore, you might feel pain every time you move your elbow. With an ailment like this, visiting a Plano TX orthopedic to review your treatment options may be a good idea.


One of the leading causes of elbow pain is accidents. A hard fall may dislocate any of the three bones that juncture at your elbow. Worse, landing on your elbow may fracture the elbow joint causing a great deal of pain.

At other times, an accident may damage the blood vessels around the elbow region. It may also interfere with the nerves on the joint. At such a time, you may feel a lot of pain or nothing at all.

Unquestionably, you should visit a qualified orthopedic if you experience aching in your elbow after an accident. It matters not if the elbow still flexes painlessly.

Dealing with Elbow Pain

The ideal way to address pain in your elbow is to visit an experienced orthopedic. Our facility in Plano TX specializes in orthopedic injuries, including elbow pain.

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