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Treating Osteoporosis in Plano, Frisco, McKinney and AllenWhat is it?

Good news first, this condition is both preventable and treatable if caught in time. The bad news is that there is not enough awareness of the prevention and treatment options and too many people, mostly women over the age of 50 following menopause, suffer significantly from this condition. So what is Osteoporosis, well it’s a loss of bone density that results in a fragile, porous bone that can fracture or break easily. Osteoporosis itself does not cause pain it is the weakening of the spine that no longer can withstand the normal stresses of everyday activities that results in the injury or fracture. The fracture that can occur is most commonly found in the hip and spine and can be very painful and disabling.


Because osteoporosis is a silent disease most patients are unaware they have the condition until they have actually fractured one or more vertebra. Some patients that are diagnosed with Osteoporosis will appear hunched over with a curved appearance of the upper back. This is the result of several small fractures of the spine that have developed over time.


Some important prevention tips include stop smoking, reducing consumption of alcohol, regular exercise, healthy diet, vitamin D and calcium supplements, hormone replacement therapy, and medications that may increase bone strength or promote bone formation.


Once Osteoporosis has been diagnosed and there are no signs of current fractures, patients are typically educated on how to prevent further damage by focusing on diet and nutrition, exercise and medications.

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