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Hand & Wrist pain in McKinney, TexasIf you’re an athlete or frequent recreational sports participant living in McKinney, Texas, you might be familiar with the common aches and pains that come with intense physical activity. But hand and wrist injuries can be more serious than just a sore back or stiff leg. Whether from overuse or acute trauma, it’s important to be aware of potential hand and wrist pain conditions so that you can seek medical attention if necessary. Let’s take a look at some of the most common causes of hand and wrist pain in McKinney, Texas. 

Basal Joint Osteoarthritis: Over time, the small joint at the base of your thumb can become worn down due to wear and tear on the cartilage. This is known as basal joint osteoarthritis, which causes swelling and stiffness in the thumb joint as well as decreased grip strength and range of motion. If left untreated, this condition can lead to permanent damage to the joint area. Treatment options include rest, splinting, physical therapy exercises, and medications like ibuprofen or corticosteroid injections for short-term relief. In severe cases, surgery may be recommended for long-term relief.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: Carpal tunnel syndrome is caused by pressure on the median nerve in your wrist due to repetitive movement or injury. Symptoms include:

  • Tingling or numbness in your fingers or wrist.
  • Weakness in your hands.
  • Pain radiating up your arm toward your shoulder.

Treatment options include rest and avoiding activities that cause pain; wearing a splint; taking nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs like ibuprofen; performing stretching exercises; undergoing physical therapy; using heat/cold therapy; getting steroid shots; and having carpal tunnel release surgery if needed for long-term relief.

Trigger Digit Release: Trigger finger (or trigger digit) is caused by inflammation of tendons leading from muscles to bones in your fingers and thumb due to overuse or injury. Symptoms may include clicking when flexing/extending fingers/thumb; catching sensation when trying to move fingers/thumb; stiffness after resting fingers/thumb for an extended period of time; locking of one finger/thumb into bent position during extension attempt; swelling around affected finger/thumb joints; soreness around affected finger/thumb joints; reduced grip strength when trying to hold objects tightly with an affected finger(s)/thumb(s). Treatment options include rest; wearing a splint while sleeping at night or engaging in activities that involve repetitive motion (e.g., playing an instrument); taking nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs like ibuprofen for pain relief; performing stretching exercises regularly throughout the day (like squeezing a rubber ball); undergoing physical therapy sessions involving ultrasound treatments and gentle massage techniques around affected area(s); applying cold compress directly onto the painful area(s) several times daily (for 15 minutes per session); receiving steroid injections into the painful area(s) every three months if needed for long-term relief from chronic symptoms without any surgical intervention required; undergoing trigger digit release surgery if other methods fail to provide sufficient pain relief over an extended period of time (6 months).

Suppose you are experiencing chronic hand and wrist discomfort associated with participation in recreational sports activities in McKinney, Texas – such as softball, baseball, soccer, lacrosse, etc.. In that case, it is important to consult with a medical professional specializing in treating these conditions before attempting any self-treatments. A range of treatment options exists which could help alleviate hand & wrist discomfort, including rest & splinting techniques as well as various medications & therapies depending upon the severity & type of condition being experienced by the patient. Consult with one of our specialists before attempting any self-treatment. Our team of Hand & Wrist doctors has dedicated themselves to helping McKinney, TX, and residents get back on track and back on the court.

Hand & Wrist pain in McKinney, Texas

Anatomy of the Hand

The hand and wrist are composed of many small bones called carpals, metacarpals and phalanges. The two bones of the lower arm — theradius and the ulna — meet at the hand to form the wrist.

Because of the complicated anatomy of the wrist and hand bones it often requires a specialized surgeon to perform Hand & Wrist Surgery if needed. One of the most common injuries to occur to the hand and wrist is falling on an outstretched hand.

The Median and Ulnar nerves are the major nerves of the hand, running the length of the arm to transmit electrical impulses to and from the brain to create movement and sensation.

The hand and wrist is a complex joint, to learn more about your condition or treatment, or a specific Hand & Wrist surgery plan click the link associated with your diagnosis. There is both educational content and educational videos to help understand the complex procedure or treatment plan our patients have been given.


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