Loose Shoulder (Instability)


Treating Loose Shoulder in Plano, Frisco, McKinney and AllenWhat is it?

Loose Shoulder (Instability) is a condition that occurs when the tissue that forms a capsule around the shoulder joint stretches and can no longer keep the ball of the humerus (the top of the arm bone) within the shoulder joint or socket. It is often you will experience dislocations of the shoulder. Typically this condition is caused by repetitive stress such as sports like baseball, volleyball or even swimming.


The main symptom of Loose Shoulder (Instability) is a loose or feeling of instability in the shoulder as if it will fall out of place at any given moment, known as apprehension. Some may feel pain, numbness or frequent dislocations.


Primary treatment is physical therapy trying to strengthen the joint and muscles, but other options may be injections, anti-inflammatory medications and in severe cases surgery.

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