Fracture of the Heel Bone


Treating Fracture of the Heel Bone in Plano, Frisco, McKinney and Allen

What is it?

Fractures of the heel bone also known as the calcaneus, can be very disabling injuries. They most commonly occur during high-energy collisions, such as a motor vehicle accident or falling from something very high which results in severe trauma to the foot. These are often severe and can often result in long-term problems. Of all the tarsal bones in the foot the calcaneus bone accounts for 60% of the fractures. These injuries also typically damage the subtalar joint which causes the ankle to become stiff and makes it difficult to walk on uneven surfaces.


The most common symptoms include pain, bruising, swelling, heel deformity (abnormal appearance) and inability to put weight on the heel. Is some minor fractures the pain is actually not enough to stop you from walking, but you may limp, that is why it’s important to seek a physician for clarification and proper diagnosis between a sprain and a fracture.


Treatment options may include use of a cast, splint or brace, anti-inflammatory medication, cold compress and therapy after removal of a splint. In some cases surgery may be required.

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